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Radiofrequency is an aesthetic treatment used to combat body flaccidity, being very effective in eliminating localized fat and also cellulite, being a safe method with lasting effects. The radiofrequency device raises the temperature of the skin and muscle to approximately 41 ° C.

The rise in temperature breaks the membranes of the fat cells, causing it to be eliminated from the body. The result is progressive, and therefore, the more sessions the person does, the bigger and better the results will be. A minimum interval of 15 days between each session is recommended. Results are seen immediately but progress even further within 2 months after your treatment cycle. The treatments must be used in conjunction with a healthy eating plan and regular exercise. A high water intake post treatment is also desirable as it will help flush toxins from the body.

Contraindications: Fever, Pregnant, during chemotherapy, in case the individual possesses collagen diseases that the keloid, metal prosthesis in the region to be treated, Pacemaker, arterial hypertension, diabetes by altering the sensitivity at the local to be treated.

During the treatment, you can choose the local to be treated, 45 minutes (30 minutes machine and after finish with modeling massage)

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